Sustaining The Oil, Gas Industry’s Health Through Innovation Sharing

The judgment of record send is a bit nebulous— one chairman pity a new system, apparatus or thought with another. This being a new plea to a oil and gas attention is rather of a misnomer; even a beginning oil group upheld along a latest innovations with any other. But, during slightest according to one new report, marketplace dynamics have combined a opening between a forward-thinking and formulation oil majors and a smaller operators but a means for RD.

In his new SPE paper, “Development of a Technology Transfer Model in a 2020 Era for a Oil and Gas Industry,” Jeremy Viscomi, clamp boss of tellurian selling during Premier Oilfield Laboratories, wrote, “In a final few years a landscape of a oil and gas attention has altered dramatically in propinquity to technology. Many operators, out of necessity, have adopted a prolongation or mass prolongation genius per their wells while except optimization and a use of record for long-term production.”

Early tech send

According to Viscomi, good abandonment was a common problem in a early 1990s, an emanate famous by researchers during a University of Kansas. Those researchers grown and summarized a indication for eccentric operators to welcome and implement new record with a thought of shortening good abandonment and augmenting oil prolongation over a prolonged term.

The thought of knowledge-sharing shortly grew outward a realms of aloft preparation by a origination of organizations like a Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) and a Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC).

RPSEA is a nonprofit, inhabitant consortium formed on a private-public partnership indication that has worked with industry, academia and a U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory. The consortium, founded in 2002, advocates record send of RD information and has managed some-more than 170 projects. The PTTC was determined some-more than 20 years ago by a U.S. DOE to yield a forum for send of record and best practices within a writer community. The legislature provides training and workshops via a U.S. where oil and gas operators are producing.

Recently, Viscomi partnered with Lanny Schoeling, author of a strange methodology during a University of Kansas, and Tom Williams, RPSEA president, to raise on a work conducted in a 1990s and refurbish a methodologies for today’s some-more severe handling environments with his SPE paper.

“Our design was to set a march for companies to continue to take advantage of record and best practices in ways that optimize operations, titillate economics and secure prolongation distant into a future,” Viscomi wrote.

Concurrent to Viscomi’s efforts, RPSEA published a possess RD devise this year in “Keeping It Going for a Long Haul—The Easy Stuff Is Gone,” authored by Williams.

Both RPSEA and Viscomi remarkable that record send programs would be many profitable to producers that mostly have singular technical staff with small to no RD bill accessible to try new technologies.

“In a try to residence a needs of a difficult oil and gas operator, considerations had to be done for many operators who do not have or have singular entrance to attention investigate labs, supervision appropriation and university programs,” Viscomi said. “IPAA [Independent Petroleum Association of America] describes these operators as those producers who do not have some-more than $5 million in sell sales of oil and gas or do not labour some-more than 75,000 barrels per day of wanton oil during a given year.”

The updated methodology published by Viscomi featured 5 components that he pronounced operators can use for discerning entrance to record but poignant costs while augmenting oil prolongation and obscure handling expenses:

1. “Technology care guided by attention to trigger and conduct a record send process;

2. Problem marker activities that assistance emanate a two-way discourse between attention and a care organization;

3. Documented proof projects secure in problem marker activities;

4. Focused record workshops that disseminate proof devise findings; and

5. Regional apparatus centers with overdo resources portion as internal and online repositories for easy entrance by industry.”


“When these programs are affordable, credible, adaptive to audiences and implement accessible record to span with finish users, they play a pivotal purpose in a continued success of a oil and gas industry.”—Jeremy Viscomi, Premier Oilfield Laboratories


Meanwhile, a RPSEA devise was created to concede a classification and a stakeholders to prioritize RPSEA’s concentration while providing a highway map for attention and policymakers to work together to residence hurdles by investigate and record transfer. The RPSEA news also includes a outline of record send efforts designed to capacitate and raise a pity of attention innovations and investigate findings.

The organization’s efforts for conveying a industry’s innovations to finish users includes monthly reports, devise updates and reviews, workshops, and presentations during open meetings during all stages of an ongoing project.

“When a devise reaches completion, successful examples and box studies generated during a march of a devise are a basement for grave record send efforts,” a RPSEA news stated.

Among a specific record send approaches incorporated into a RPSEA module are

  • “The rendezvous of Program Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee members in needs assessment, devise preference and ongoing devise review, that RPSEA pronounced promotes ongoing interests in building projects and facilitating margin tests and demonstrations regulating writer wells, information and facilities;
  • A stability joining to raise a functionality and value of a RPSEA website by adding relevant, value-added information and information per a organization’s particular projects; and
  • That a RD contracts awarded embody mandate for a output of supports allocated to record send in suitability with a program- turn plan.”

Both Viscomi and RPSEA satisfied that record send efforts are not a one-size-fits-all concept. Transferring module formula to smaller, eccentric operators requires a opposite proceed than that utilized, for example, for ultradeepwater and onshore radical operators.

Proprietary protections

Although a judgment of record send among oil and gas companies inherently advantages those that don’t possess a ability to rise their possess technology, many companies are safeguarding of their egghead property.

Faig Alizada, essay for a general law organisation Grata International, identified a hurdles in pity record and innovations while during a same time safeguarding egghead property—the attention secrets that make any association and a operations unique.

In “Protection of Know-how in Oil and Gas Technology Agreements,” Alizada referenced a instance of publically disclosing a particular components of hydraulic fracturing liquid in response to open concerns over a environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing operations.

“Oil and gas companies have resisted avowal of a accurate combination of fracking on a drift that these mixtures are trade secrets,” Alizada noted. “Creating a fracking liquid reduction that produces a preferred formula is an intensely difficult task. Without effective trade tip protection, open avowal would concede fabrication and retreat engineering of rarely exclusive information.”

Alizada endorsed companies cruise “know-how agreements” that establish a range of a information being stable and disclosed. In addition, he remarkable that a company’s egghead skill cabinet should confirm either to pursue a obvious or a trade tip insurance for a quite innovation.

“For example, some things, such as databases, are not patentable and so contingency be confirmed as a trade secret,” he wrote.

But as Viscomi and RPSEA noted, pity such information and record works for a larger good of a industry, gripping it healthy for a future. “Our thought is to mount on a work of programs such as PTTC and RPSEA, implement their successes and raise them into a methodology that embraces rising communication record and takes record over 2020,” Viscomi said. “The strategies and techniques are not singular usually to eccentric producers. Market conditions titillate all producers to try rising record to titillate prolongation and optimize any well.”