Spectrum Health eyes new merger

Lakeland Health, a nonprofit health caring provider formed in St. Joseph, would turn a multiplication of Spectrum Health underneath a due partnership of a dual organizations announced Wednesday.

Leaders of a dual health caring providers sealed a nonbinding, minute of vigilant to pursue a merger. They will now control due industry with a idea of reaching a final understanding by Oct. 1.

“This formation brings advantages to both organizations in terms of improving affordability, peculiarity and access,” Richard Breon, Spectrum’s boss and CEO, pronounced in a statement. “We are assured that with a aligned cultures and a common concentration on caring for a communities, we can grasp poignant impact on health improvement.”

Lakeland is Berrien County’s largest employer, according to a company, with some-more than 4,000 employees and a network of hospitals and medical comforts via Berrien and Cass counties.

If a partnership is finalized, Lakeland would keep a internal house of directors, internal collateral alleviation considerations and internal munificent efforts. The partnership is not approaching to outcome in any layoffs or pursuit cuts, pronounced Dr. Loren Hamel, Lakeland’s boss and CEO.

He characterized the move as a proceed to “optimize value” for a health caring provider. He pronounced a cost of drugs, medical reserve and information record apparatus is “escalating during rare rates,” and holding advantage of “economies of scale” – by Spectrum’s assistance – could assistance control costs.

It won’t indispensably meant reduce costs, though it could assistance “make certain a costs are being good tranquil so that we’re not flitting aloft costs onto a patients,” Hamel said.

Spectrum Health takes informal proceed to Fremont, Ludington hospitals

Spectrum, formed in Grand Rapids, has 12 hospitals, 8 obligatory caring centers and 47 labs stretching from Ludington to Hastings. If a Lakeland partnership goes through, a health system’s strech would widen to Michigan’s southwestern border.

Breon pronounced Spectrum, created in 1997 by a partnership of Blodgett and Butterworth hospitals, has been deliberating a partnership with Lakeland for as prolonged as 15 years. He pronounced a pierce would advantage Spectrum by broadening a geographic strech and improved positioning a health complement for a future.

“Working together, we consider we’ll be means to solve some things improved than we competence do apart,” he said. “I consider that’s a good proclivity for us, substantially some-more so than anything else.”

Spectrum has joined with numerous, smaller health systems over a years. It joined with United Memorial Medical Center in Greenville in 2003 and Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont in 2010, for example.

Spectrum has 26,000 employees and is West Michigan’s largest employer, a health caring providers pronounced in a news release.

Hamel, in a eventuality a partnership occurs, pronounced he will lead a Lakeland multiplication of Spectrum, and will take a chair as a comparison clamp boss on a Spectrum caring group. He will news to Breon.

If a partnership doesn’t occur, Lakeland would still have a clever destiny as a health caring provider, he said.

“This is not a presence strategy,” Hamel said. “This is a proceed to optimize value.”

Lakeland has already partnered with Spectrum for specialty services, such as cardiovascular care, and with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, according to a news release.