Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ Much Ado About Drug Prices

President Donald Trump’s skeleton to revoke drug prices frames roughly as many questions as answers, though it does gleam light on a disturbing and difficult problem. Meanwhile, Vermont upheld a law to do something that’s not in a president’s plan: import cheaper medication drugs from Canada. The state will need sovereign accede to do that, that is doubtful to be granted.

And Timothy Jost, emeritus highbrow of law during Washington and Lee University in Virginia, discusses a state of a Affordable Care Act and what competence be in a health law’s evident future.

This week’s panelists for KHN’s “What a Health?” are Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News, Anna Edney of Bloomberg News, Joanne Kenen of Politico and Rebecca Adams of CQ Roll Call.

Among a takeaways from this week’s podcast:

  • It is not nonetheless transparent how many of a innumerable proposals in Trump’s 44-page medication drug cost offer will be implemented, though a devise does jump-start a contention opposite a far-reaching operation of drug issues.
  • Although Trump walked behind his guarantee to pierce Medicare toward negotiating drug prices, his drug offer would pierce some drugs administered in physicians’ offices — now paid underneath a regulation — to be rubbed by a Part D medication drug plans, for that word companies negotiate prices.
  • The drug cost beginning is welcomed by Republican possibilities who consider it will be a manly invulnerability opposite Democratic charges that GOP efforts on a Affordable Care Act are pushing altogether health caring spending up.
  • With a augmenting reports that in a not-too-distant destiny one or some-more justices will retire from a Supreme Court, abortion-rights activists are shaken about how a new justice would perspective a emanate and are operative tough to equivocate a large sovereign lawsuit that could overturn Roe v Wade.

Plus, for “extra credit,” a panelists suggest their favorite health stories of a week they consider we should read, too.

Julie Rovner: Kaiser Health News’ “For The Babies Of The Opioid Crisis, The Best Care May Be Mom’s Recovery,” by Sarah Jane Tribble

Joanne Kenen: Science Magazine’s “Hoping to Head Off an Epidemic, Congo Turns to Experimental Ebola Vaccine,” by Jon Cohen

Rebecca Adams: Kaiser Health News’ “Under Trump Proposal, Lawful Immigrants Might Be Inclined To Shun Health Benefits,” by Christina Jewett and Melissa Bailey and Paula Andalo

Anna Edney: Vox.com’s “The Blockbuster Fight Over This Obscure Federal Program Explains America’s Drug Prices,” by Dylan Scott

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