24Option Review

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24option-logoAs we know trading that is a big market. In the whole world it is done on the largest level. As the time has changed people are more interested in doing everything online because this is the world of technology. If we talk about online there are ways we can reduce the efforts of research on assets, save time etc…

For online trading there are so many options to make money in the market.

Binary option is a new trading terminology now days. It is basically meant for experienced traders. In case of Binary option, a trader has 2 options to select from. Either the trader gets a fixed amount of profit from the trade or he gets nothing. There are 2 terms that a trader needs to familiarize him with in case of binary option. One is called Call and other one is ‘Put’. In case of ‘Call’, a trader actually speculates the price of the asset to go up in a fixed time. This time is called the Expiry time. He gets a fixed amount of money for the trade if the asset reaches a particular price within the time period. The other option the trader has is to make a ‘Put’ call. In case of ‘Put’, the trader expects the price to fall. This again has to be reached within the expiry time. In order to trade for Binary options, a trader has to select a broker.


24 options is a very good binary option broker. Rodeler Ltd. is the owner of 24 options. In 2013 as a regular broker it has received CYSEC license. It is registered with so many countries in so many places. It is a very famous broker and even popular too. It offers many benefits to its traders and gives the incentives on daily basis, that’s why it is a proactive broker.

To the traders whatever trading platform is provided by 24 options is innovative. It is currently using the trading platform which is very efficient known as Tech Financials. It is very good platform. Using this platform it provides many options. It provides the traders at least 100 assets to trade and that why it has become very popular all over the world. 24 options provide so many currency pairs to trade. It offers many deposit options too.24 option is a legal binary option broker. It provides an environment to traders which are safe and secure. The main and even very amazing feature of this is that it provides the mobile trading too. It supports the mobile trading so that traders can get the benefit of that. Traders can use 24 options by utilizing their mobile phones which are smart and even other devices which are mobile. 24option vodsTraders those who have their accounts on 24 options can easily access their accounts anytime where they want. So there is no need to stick at one place to use it.

For binary option trading, 24 options is very easy one, through this it very easy to make money. It provides 4 types of trades to traders which are:-

  • classic binaries
  • one touch binaries
  • Boundary binaries
  • Short term binaries

All types of trading contract provide different options to traders and all are beneficial. It completely depends on traders that which one they choose for trading.

When a trader wants to trade he has to open an account on 24 options which is very easy. During signup of an account a traders has to deposit at least $250. There are 4 types of trading account:-

  • Standard Account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinum Account
  • Diamond Account

Before starting for a real trading one can start a demo one too but for that also one has to deposit at least $250. All four types of account offer different payouts and even different schemes and benefits too. If we check the returns which a trader gets from 24 options, it is one of the highest in the market. 24 options pay maximum payout around 88% in the whole trading industry.

bannerIt is a very established broker and reputed too. It provides 24/4 dedicated customer service. It supports multiple languages and even provides safe and secure trading environment. 24 options offer so many cash prizes for competition. It provides the quality in service. It is a very good broker.

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Era of ladder binary trading

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Now a days online trading is very popular. If we talk about trading, this is not a new word. We are doing this from long back. Earlier it was in the form of exchanging goods with goods then it has changed from exchanging goods to currency and now this is also buying, selling or exchanging the stocks or bonds. There are many ways to trade. Even buyers are different as some of them are buying the stocks and commodities for long term and some for short term profit.

There are so many trading companies which are connecting buyers and sellers for trading. The regular way to trade is for Profit and loss at a specific point. So, you fix the buying or selling price and then the transaction is triggered once the price reaches that point. Now days, a new form of trading is emerging which is called as Ladder Binary Trading.

What is ladder binary trading?

Here we are already aware with the term trading. If we talk about ladder here the meaning of this is steps decided by the trader which will be climbed to gain the profit and these steps are price levels which will be preset. The payouts are determined based on the price level reached at a particular point of time.

In ladder binary trading the timeframe or interval should be same between the price levels. A trader needs to set 3 strike prices in three time intervals. In this type of trading payout will be already decided for each level and that will be earned by the investor if they reach that level at a specified time.

l1So on all the three levels if an investor’s strike price is accurate he will earn payout. There will be always a possibility that investors will earn all or nothing at all. The setup of price levels will be like this: first level will be lowest, second will be 15% higher and third will be 15% higher than second. In this method an investor has to do always planning and research too.

Let us try to understand this as an example:

Let’s imagine that you want to trade for X commodity. The current price of X is $100. The strike price you decided to sell this is $110 for the day. Now, one can determine the steps to reach to this strike price. So, 1st step could be $102 at 11:00 AM. 2nd Step is $ 105 at 1:00 PM. 3rd Step is $110 at 3:00 PM.

Now, the broker provides Y % of total investment if the commodity is trading at the same or higher price level decided at a particular time.

So, the trader might get 40% if the X commodity is trading at $102 or higher at 11:00 AM. Similarly, he will get 50% if it is trading at $105 at 1:00 PM and 60% if it reaches $110 at 3:00 PM. So, the total benefit is 150%. So, the trader made 50% profit over his investment.

 Benefits of ladder binary trading:

l2As the time is changing the way of doing things are changing too. In the market there are many different ways of trading earlier but still some brokers only gave the option of traditional trading like high /low trading. But now as the technology is growing people are getting the knowledge so are brokers too. Ladder binary trading is becoming popular now and brokers are offering this method too.

In this method if you are keeping the intervals very short and price close, you will get smaller payout but if you increase both of them you will get good payout. This method allows you to have an option to frame your trading. If you have done good research and you know that a particular stock will go up or down you can get good profit. Not many brokers offer Ladder Trading for now but if you are interested CherryTrade offers it.

Right time to use ladder binary trading:

If we talk about ladder binary trading, it is not recommended for beginners. This type of trading needs experience, research and more knowledge. So this is best trading option for experienced traders. If the strike price is set accurately this is very much profitable but this needs good analysis and it will be difficult for new trader.

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Binary Options Trading with Signals

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Making money in the financial markets requires investors have a large pool of information and be able to interpret this information and exploit it for their personal gain. The situation is the same even among traders dealing with binary options. Unfortunately, this might not always be possible as there is a lot of market inefficiency. Add to these that a large number of these investors are not professionals and the problem doubles. Luckily a saving grace in the name of binary options signals exist. But is it really a saving grace?  Let’s find out.

Why Binary Option Signals are Making Such a Fuss Nowadays

The operation around binary signals involves automation and duplication of trading activities within these markets. These signals will be in form of tips given to users on where to place their money and where not to all in a bid to increase the returns. It is true, amongst the community that deals with binary options there has been a lot of noise on these signals. From brokers to the sellers, both experienced and not.  Some of the noise has been positive praise. In some cases however, the results they gave left the users with clenched fists and popped veins.

binary signals 20

What They Promise VS What They Offer

Above everything else, these signals promise you improved binary trading results. The signal providers promise to provide this result by giving you solid tips on where to place your money for the highest returns and which options to avoid. Much like sports betting tips really, but for options. Most of these tips are from a top professional binary option traders whose trading patterns are duplicated by other traders and if you are receiving signals, you too. These are called Trader Signals.

These signals can be offer a trading strategy that is profitable. This especially when a client is allowed by his/her broker (account) to follow more than one expert and be picking from the lot which signal(s) to follow and when. For any binary options signal service worth its name, this is what it shall offer. Better trades leading to increased profitability. However, be very wary of signal providers promising overnight supernormal profits. They are normally out to scam you.

You can protect yourself from such scams. This you can do by exercising due diligence in your search for signal providers, as well as relying on serious and regulated brokers to ensure the safety of your investments.

How They Work

Most of these signal providers you have interactive platforms on the internet. They will usually charge you a registration fee and one paid, you have your own portal within their site ready to receive and work on tips as they come. There are also free tips as well some of them genuine, others not so much. What’s common though is even without asking for cash directly for their exchange, you will be required to pay for them in some other way. A quid pro quo relationship if you may.

signals graph

Free Signals

Trading signals from most of the more known companies are available at a fee. Normally, this will cost anywhere between $100 and $300 USD. A point worth noting when deciding on what product to use though is that, most top brokers will made an effort to develop free tools for you use on condition that you let them handle your business. These companies will offer free signals together with tutorials, educational tools as well as financial guidance.

This will help you build you skill as well as manage risk. Keep in mind that in as much as Options are among the highest yielding investments in finance, the risks they carry are also equally high. There are also some free signals you may stumble across that will be scams. As such keep of any provider you suspect, or one that does not seem to have reviews from customers.

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Binary Options General Overview

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Binary Options are a type of trading, and in order to understand it, you will first need to know a little bit about it. That is why we are going to show you what Binary Options are in general, so you would know a little bit about it before starting to learn and discover them yourself by trading them. First of all, lets explain the title itself; option is a type of a financial contract in which the buyer has the right to buy or sell the underlying asset. However, there is no obligation, just the right to do so, and he can do so in a specific period of time. Also, as the word binary itself says, there are only two possible outcomes, and both of them have been described in the contract.

Now, let’s start with the steps you should take in order to start making some money on Binary Options.

First of all, you will need to understand the terminology used in Binary Options trading. Like with any other type of work, you will need to know what people around you are talking about, and without knowing the proper terminology, you will not be able to do so. So, start reading about it even before you venture in this type of trading, and only when you learn everything you need, you will be able to become a good Binary Options trader and start making some money.

Binary-Options-training1-300x261Next, you will need to investigate the underlying asset. This means that you should determine if you can make some money out of the contract that you have. So, in order to do so, you will need to know how to do this properly, you will need to know the proper procedure that has to be followed in order to reach a decision that will get you to understand the underlying asset. There are various schools that can teach this, but this can only be done if you have a good mind that has the ability to make the right decisions.

Next, when you know what the price will be, decide if you should act on it, or not. This means that, if you’ve bought an option low, you should sell it high, in order to make some money. However, only if you know what you’re doing, you will know exactly when to sell it. And that’s what it’s all about – buying low and selling high, just like in any other trade.

And, just like in any other trade, you will need to monitor your purchase as well as the underlying asset even after you purchase it. Only by doing this, you will know if you should hold on to it until it expires, or if you should sell it before that happens. And by monitoring them, you will be able to make this decision.

So, now that you know something about Binary Options, you will be able to upgrade your knowledge to a better level, without worrying if you’ll get confused when you start learning.

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Live charts for Binary options trading

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Free charts for Binary options: Most of the strategies used for Binary option trading need a lot of analysis of pure technical kind, since this will be the thing used for executing trades. And to find the best analysis of this technical kind you should read through many different chart patterns. Most of the brokers trading with Binary options are usually offering this kind of charting and it is very basic, made of a Stock Market Chartvery simple line which has a limited resilience. So if you are a serious kind of binary option trader you will need to look up and dig up some charting software’s giving you the better look at charts transmitting it in a way that you can read and learn more from it, since you won’t have any good if you are not able to see the signals invented for this kind of technical analysis that we mentioned at the beginning. For one who is a very highly advanced trader, there is plenty of websites with charts which are great but are not free. If they pay, they can get a great benefit from this kind of sites. And in the future, our plan is looking at all these different kind of sites for which you need to pay. But if you are at the beginning of your, we hope successful trading career, you can find a lot of sites which are free from any fees. Free sites with online charting can be of a very big importance for you so that you can implement and learn the strategies of trading with binary options. Most of the traders today are those who have chosen to trade like short term traders, which mean that they are in need of a data from real time; they need to get it live. So the charting program you should use is one which will be live-in the real time of action. But, according to the type of the asset you are trading you will have to find a suitable software for you, since not all of hem will provide you with what you need. Here we have prepared a small list of few platforms providing online charting which are live-at a real time and will give you good feeds and the classes of the assets they are working with:
FreeStockCharts 07

  1. FreeStockCgarts – this one is very good and can be used for stocks in most markets.
  2. Netdania – This is also the one platform working with live charts, and can be used for forex and markets worldwide
  3. Metatrader4 – this one is free software platform which gives you the opportunity of downloading it. It is mostly used for charts of Forex and the biggest leading advantage of this particular platform is that it will give you the ability to see four currency charts at the same time. This has a bright future and you will have a bright future with it you will have it also, especially for the short term Binary options of 60 seconds and here traders must act very fast in numerous positions for trading offered at the same time.

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